Monday, November 18, 2019

Everything You Know About Branding Is Wrong By David Galullo Essay

Everything You Know About Branding Is Wrong By David Galullo - Essay Example Gallulo, (2013) stated that if any marketer of major corporations is asked, most of them would agree to the statement that â€Å"Branding Is Everything.† Gallulo, (2013) stated that despite of having known the importance of branding as everything, people still misunderstand, misinterpret and use the word branding in a vague meaning. Even though branding is an integral source of success for the organizations, yet the approach towards branding is incorrectly utilized. Historically, branding of businesses used to be done through silos. This means that the business used to hire an advertising agency to carry out its marketing activities whereas another firm is appointed for developing the official website of the company. Above all, that appointed organization is contracted to complete the overall design of the organizational environment. This scheme of branding is resulted in relatively weaker branding outcomes such that the brand actually failed in creating its own brand personal ity and the organization could not achieve its desired goals through branding in various different fragments. Ultimately, the brand could not connect the customers and employees to the organization. In new era, branding is something more than what it is perceived by companies. It means that businesses do not merely offer their products or yell at their potential customers just to come and shop their products. Nowadays, businesses attract their customers by reflecting them the intended personality of the organization and for this purpose; they create the perception of the business in the minds of customers. The employees of such businesses do not work for such organizations only for getting salaries nor the customers of such companies not just buy the products only because of being indiscriminate customers. Rather, these stakeholders consider themselves as a part of that organization in way that they believe this organization provides them a sense of identity. Gallulo, (2013) states that nowadays, brand is not an advertisement, a logo, or a poster displayed in corporate office. Brand has become the gut feeling and intelligent companies know the potency of a rightly built brand. This occurs when all the components are integrated via designs-from virtual platforms such as websites to tangible platforms such as office buildings- in general, it starts from the basic realization of the significance of the company. Whether it is designing the website, headquarter of the company, field office, or new brand strategy, it all starts from two basic questions: what is your identity? And: what is your importance? These questions apparently seem easy, but when it comes to companies, they are most difficult questions to answer. That is why majority of the companies do not bother and therefore, fail in their efforts of developing brand. Gallulo, (2013) retorts that it is integral to find answers for these two questions and to build connection with a holistic and integrated app roach. This will ultimately create a more meaningful and stronger brand. Gallulo, (2013) took the example of football program of University of Oregon. The team plays football in a relatively small town and does not have tradition and history of Texas or Alabama. The team was considered as mediocre until the mid of 1990s. Yet, Oregon has developed a distinguished brand that cuts through chaos and turns heads around. From advertising to uniforms, Oregon has encompassed branding as an integral way of thinking. The ‘why’ of Oregon is change and it has embedded change into everything. It is attracting the best staffs as well as the attention of people. Gallulo, (2013) inferred that people do not watch because team is good, team is good merely because people watch them. Gallulo, (2013)

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