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Movie Analysis Temple Grandin - 993 Words

As an academy award voter I will be giving my reasons for why either the movie Temple Grandin or Inviticus are worthy of these awards. The first award that I will be voting on is Best Picture. First I want to talk a little about the movie Temple Grandin, this movie is about a woman with autism, and the movie portrays her struggles and accomplishments throughout the film. The movie begins when Temple’s mother Eustacia refused the diagnosis of autism given to her daughter that she is to be put in an institution for others like Temple. Eustacia instead works with her daughter and hires therapists to assist her in attempting a normal life for Temple. The film shows tremendous breakthroughs of learning for Temple for example her getting admitted into college contrary to what the doctors believed about Temple’s abilities. Temple then goes on to effectively change how we handle cows for slaughtering changing the cattle industry and the medical industry for someone at that poin t in time to show to the world that anyone with a disability can be an important part of society while showing the world to be more accepting of people with disabilities. The movie Inviticus is a movie about Nelson Mandela becoming president of South Africa during a time where the country was divided by race, class, and sports. The beginning of the movie it shows a rugby team getting beat and the countrymen talking of removing the rugby team for good. Nelson Mandela realizes that in order for his country toShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Movie Temple Grandin 903 Words   |  4 Pagesduring the course of the semester revealing the lives of two important people and their significance of their actions.. The first movie was â€Å"Temple Grandin†, which told a story of a young woman who suffered repeated setbacks from her autism throughout the entirety of her life. Mostly, ridiculed by her peers and even in her male dominated profession, Animal Agriculture. Grandin remain persistent in achieving her goals and eventually overcame her oppositions one by one. Similarly, â€Å"Invictus† follows theRead MoreMovie Analysis : Temple Grandin932 Wor ds   |  4 Pages Temple Grandin is a film that relies heavily on mise en scene to show audiences the amazing way into which those with autism can see the world and perceive and then solve problems they are faced with on a daily basis. The filmmakers cleverly use mise en scene to help communicate the central theme of the film of being different, not less. It gives viewers a way to relate to Temple, to see and understand what her world is like. They are able to spend the length of the film in her shoes and learnRead MoreAnalysis Of Temple Grandin, An Autistic Woman1217 Words   |  5 PagesIn the movie Temple Grandin, an autistic woman, who overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition earned a PH.D and an expert in the field of animal agriculture. She did not speak until the age of four, she was also sensitive to sound and touch, and had difficulty throughout high school, mostly dealing with people and the social part of life. She is most widely known for creating her â€Å"hug box,† recognized today as a way of relieving stress and anxiety in autistic children. Temple is alsoRead MoreIn Recent Years, The Prevalence Of Autism Spectrum Disorder1357 Words   |  6 Pagesrights movement (Ward 1999). One of the well-known self-advocates for ASD is Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin stresses the importance of using an individual’s strength instead of focusing on what they can’t do. For example, Grandin designed facilities that half the cattle in the United States are handled in today (2012). Another self-advocate is Owen Suskind. Owen’s story is portrayed in the movie Life, Animated. As shown in the movie, Owen also shares his story in conferences and speeches with people so theyRead More Autism in the Media Essay2151 Words   |  9 PagesCards (1993), and Molly (1999). I here examine these three films, each with an autistic main character, to evaluate the image of autism presented to the public and to discuss how that imag e has changed in the last fifteen years. However, before an analysis of the films, I will briefly overview autism as it is currently diagnosed and treated.    Autism is the label given to a set of behaviors summarized by the International Classification of Disease ICD-10 Handbook as1: 1. ImpairmentRead MoreGump Notes Essay7299 Words   |  30 Pagesfavorites. The dissociation between his apparent IQ and incredible intellectual achievements and his behavioral autistic tendencies are, so far, ignored and his cognitive features are misread as Intellectual Developmental disability. In the movie, Forest Gump, the character played by Tom Hanks fines remarkable inner strength to overcome life’s never ending problems and tragedies. In spite of limited abilities, Forest conquers every obstacles life throws at him and becomes a success.

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