Friday, February 28, 2020

United States History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

United States History - Essay Example The Spanish conquistadors conquered large empires in the New World. The Spanish colonizers had superior military technology and advanced military tactics that enabled them to form alliances with local tribes and carry out surprising attacks to conquer different areas. The Spanish conquistadors would then partition the conquered areas into encomiendas. The encomienda system converted Indians into slaves. In the sixteenth century, Spain had emerged as the most successful colonizer. Other colonizers such as England and France felt threatened by continued success of Spain in colonization. Spain was the first colonize America and had managed to capitalize on vast regions of America while other rivals such as England and France had not entered America. Spanish colonizers managed to acquire vast natural resources from its colonies and develop the economy in its mother country. Although the Spanish government was operating from Madrid it made use of viceroyalties, royal courts of appeal and audencias to manage its colonies in the new world. Megellan started circumnavigating the globe but natives killed him while he was crossing the Pacific. Spaniards then captured Aztec in 1519. In 1507, Waldseemuler named the newly discovered world as America. The terrain was characterized by harsh conditions. Moreover, few native laborers had been reduced to slaves. They could not satisfy the growing number of Spanish settlers. Therefore, Spanish started importing African slaves. Francisco later invaded and conquered Peru. Later on Jamestown was founded in Virginia for English settlement. In 1680, Pope Rebellion led to end of the encomienda system. 2) Describe the major difficulties that early settlers in Virginia encountered and how these difficulties were overcome. The early settlers in Virginia encountered numerous challenges. One of the challenges was hunger and disea ses, which left several of the settlers dead. Most of the settlers were vulnerable to diseases and most could hardly stand diseases. Although most of the settlers died due to famine, a number died from water poisoning. The river water they were using had slime, which caused salt poisoning, typhoid and dysentery. The poisoned water caused an epidemic that killed most of the colonizers. This resulted in disintegration of the leadership. Moreover, most of the remaining settlers were ill and could hardly work. In the early 1608, there was a fire that destroyed the fort as well as the colonist dwelling and provisions. This left the colonizers without food and they had to depend on Indians. Around 1609 major hunger had affected Virginia, resulted in instances of malnutrition, and made settlers vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, the local Indians retaliated and would and times attack the settler. The settlers overcome the challenges by carrying out faming to obtain food. Additionally, they would use guns to threaten the Indian attackers. Moreover, the settlers built a wall around their houses to prevent themselves from the attacks. The settler’s leaders such kept recruiting new settlers to replace the dead ones, which helped the colony survive. Moreover, the settlers imported slaves from Africa to help in the faming. 3) Define mercantilism and describe the obligations of the colonies under England’s mercantilist policies. Mercantilism was an economic system adopted by England, which was based on the belief the national wealth depended on the contribution of the colonies in supplying resources such as precious metal and purchasing the goods

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